Gruppo Gamma Chrononaut – Prototype

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A week or so ago, I was fortunate enough to receive Gruppo Gamma’s Chrononaut #prototype, a watch that’s been an absolute pleasure to wear.

The watch, a 42mm super compressor styled piece, feels well-balanced on the wrist, and each of its components: screw down dual crosshatch crowns/ a simple, no frills legible dial/ internal rotating bezel/ exhibition case back/ and its supremely comfortable tropic strap, all seamlessly work together in the most harmonious of ways.

The Chrononaut is much slimmer than most of Gruppo Gamma’s previous offerings, a welcomed departure from the robust GG norm. It seems that in my old age, I’ve grown quite fond of wearing (and prefer) a lower profile watch.

The lume remains nuclear as ever and the high-beat Swiss STP1-11 movement is rock-solid.

If you’re still on the fence about pre-ordering the Chrononaut, know this: “If the Gruppo Gamma Chrononaut were in the budget-friendly Super Compressor Olympics, it would be taking home gold!”

NOTE: Pre-order pricing will no longer be applicable after this weekend, so if you’re ready to make this piece yours, pre-order here:

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