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By now, you’re probably well aware of whom Elshan Tang is and the kick-ass watches he continues to crowdfund. If you’re not, let me welcome you back to planet earth. Tang, a 27-year-old watch designer phenom, continues to cater to watch enthusiasts who like to double as investors, and from the looks of it, business is booming.

2014 was an exciting year for this budding entrepreneur, as it marked the launch of Zelos, Tang’s maiden voyage across the perilous sea known as the micro-brand market. Since then, Tang has successfully launched Ventus and Vilhelm, and money-toting backers for his watch creations continue to scale upwards.

While I am no mathematician, his formula appears to be simple. Produce high-quality watches at prices affordable to just about any human being on earth. In my best Uncle Sam voice, “… and by anyone, I mean you!”

Take a gander at Tang’s latest expedition, the Ventus Mori Brass 300m Diver, which is a watch that exemplifies affordable luxury. For those who already backed the project before the writing of this most awesome review, the only words written on this page that will matter pertain to whether or not the Ventus Mori project funded. I’m pleased to report that it did! For those who of you who just breathed a huge sigh of relief and are ready to check out, give your admission ticket to the valet and have a safe drive home. For those who haven’t and are looking for the watch deal of a lifetime, here’s why the Ventus Mori 300m Brass Diver should be moved to the top of your list.


Case Diameter: 41mm

Case Height: 14mm (including crystal)

Lug Width: 20mm

Lug to Lug: 48mm

Straps: Rubber strap with brass buckle

Movement: Seiko NH35 Automatic Movement

Crystal: Double-domed sapphire crystal with AR coating (inside)

Water Resistance: 300m

Retail Price: $249 USD

Packaging is minimal, but that’s a good thing. Every last penny that could have gone into the production of a high-dollar presentation box went into the making of the actual watch. You know, the piece that really matters?

The watch is small by today’s standards, but a 41mm watch ‘back in the day’ was quite large. The Ventus Mori is a throwback to yesteryear where less was more. Its sandwich dial has no printing on it whatsoever, less the brand’s triangular logo, which serves as one of the three arrows that the real Mori Motonari used to teach his sons one of life’s greatest lessons: where there is unity, there is power!

When choosing which Ventus Mori to pull the trigger on, your dial options remain rather uniformed from one Mori to another: black, brown, or blue sandwich and consistent date position. What can change depending on your individual taste is the lume/ bezel combination. You can select a black bezel with blue BGW9 lume or a black bezel with vintage C3 lume, which is the focus of today’s review. If you want to stay with the whole brass motif, then an all brass bezel can be had with any of the combos listed above.

The Mori’s golden, brushed handset is unique and elegant; simple, yet chic. It’s also destined to stand out in a crowd.

While I try my best to stay original in my writings, I have to refer back to Tang’s own words where he described the brass case as “unimposing.”  Simply put, the Ventus Mori is wearable elegance, as it is masterfully designed to easily traverse life with you in mind. It goes where you go!

The lumed 120-click unidirectional bezel fits the watch well, and I found no bezel slop at all. No surprise there! Its coin-edge gives this low-key diver subtle pizazz.

The crystal is recessed, slightly domed, and sapphire, which is a welcomed attribute for a watch south of the $300 mark.

The crown sits at the 3 o’clock position, as does the Mori’s date wheel. Since the Mori lacks crown guards, which is a design element I’m really digging, the crown is easy to manipulate.

The stainless steel case back is beautifully simple, and it remains consistent with the Mori’s less is more theme. Stamped on it is a lone dive helmet reminiscent of when helmets were actually made of copper and brass. To achieve maximum water resistance, it’s also screw-down.

To keep costs down and to ensure not only availability but deliverability, the Mori was outfitted with a hackable Seiko NH35 automatic movement, which beats at 21,600 BPH. Having worn mine for some time now, I can report that I’m as happy as an eight-year-old in a candy store, as it has been keeping near COSC time at a fraction of the price you would pay for a COSC certified movement.

The strap is Kevlar-esque, and since it’s leather-backed, it’s super comfy. My only gripe is that it’s a bit short for someone who possesses greater than 7.5-inch wrists like me. However, for the pauper-like price tag associated with the Mori, I’m able to purchase several dozen straps that fit me just right!

Overall, the Ventus Mori has been a pleasure to wear, as it is harmonious in its construction. The Mori was well-thought-out, and it shows. It transcends the here and now of today’s hustle and bustle with a look and feel all its own.

Its classic size, styling cues, and extreme affordability reminds us of a time when life was simple, when things were done right the first time, and most importantly, a time when customer satisfaction mattered.

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Note: All images were photographed under a tent and not edited in any way to best represent the watch you’ll be receiving.

Feedback is always welcomed and encouraged.

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