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Who are we

Ariel Javier

Ariel Javier has had a passion for watches since an early age; one that was passed onto him by his father, who was one of a handful of people to own a Rolex GMT on the island of Cuba, where Ariel was born. Ariel Soltura, who is a full time police officer, husband, father and Dive Watch aficionado, is well respected in the watch community for his honest thoughts and comments on “all things watches.” When not patrolling the streets, throwing footballs with the community’s youth or perusing various watch forums, he can be found hanging out with his nine year old son, Aric, his greatest passion of all.

Dr. Peter Millar

Dr Pete Millar has lived in, worked in or travelled to 38 countries so far and it was during those travels that he caught the watch collecting bug. “I guess it really started when I was in the Middle East, says Pete, “I met so many people with very nice, expensive watches. Rolex seemed to be the most popular, but it was also where I was first introduced to DOXA, while I was running a subsea pipeline inspection off the coast of Abu Dhabi.

That introduction to DOXA proved to be a fateful moment because almost 20 years later, Pete is probably most well-known for his DOXA books and their association with his Diving With Legends book. I think I’ve owned over 20 DOXA watches through the years, but I also have a great affinity for the vintage Seiko dive watches and chronographs and the Breitling Superocean.

I especially like the Seikos because you can build a formidable classic watch collection for not a lot of money. They also stand the test of time and handle wabi really well. And that was what Ariel Javier and I were looking for when we started WatchWabi. As we concluded at the time: All watches tell the time, many also tell a story. We wanted to build a group which wasn’t just about showing off your watches but somewhere that people would feel at home and be part of a family. I think we have succeeded.