Gruppo Gamma Divemaster D-02 Review Update

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Back in September 2016 (has it been that long), I reviewed Gruppo Gamma Time Instruments’s Divemaster, D-02 prototype, well before the production model hit the streets.

Since then, Gruppo Gamma, and its founder, Naoki Tsukumo, has continued to wow microbrand lovers worldwide wide with his classic inspired watch concoctions that blend historical aesthetics with new world savvy.

The production model below came as promised with a few variations from the prototype I reviewed in greater detail. I could rehash the watch in its entirety, but I’ll focus on the changes instead.

It’s seconds hand is now brushed silver instead of the bright red color that many Gruppp Gamma pieces have adorned.

The D-02 now sports a black date wheel which looks amazing and more uniformed against the matching black dial. While I thought the white one looked fine, I’m happy with the end result.

The Divemaster’s case shape is still as robust as the prototype, but it’s thinned out a bit, coming in at 14mm. It’s more fit then ever and ready for play on and off the court, but most importantly, it’s ready for some serious wrist time.

While this small follow up review focused on what did change, let me end with what remained the same. It’s nothing that you or I can see, touch, or hear. It’s Gruppo Gamma’s soul, and that can only be felt by strapping one on.

Ready to make Naoki Tsukumo’s Gruppo Gamma yours?


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